Easter Sunday Eggs for the Master’s Tournament

I was up late at Passover last night. I slept in. I just want you to know, I’m not going anywhere today. Today is sacred. I’ve been at other cities, restaurants, and other homes all week  due to work and holidays. It was fun, but today is special. The Master’s Golf Tournament is on the tele and I have a full fridge and my puppy for company. It’s a beautiful sunny day here and I will only see it from the full length windows. I have pink cashmere jammies on and slippers and that’s how I will stay.I make Sunday eggs and get comfy on my oversize, L-shaped, white, leather sofa. Phil Mickelson, a former Rancho Sante Fe, California neighbor of mine (before I moved to Laguna Beach)and my hero, by the way (he really is that nice, really!) and many other players(they are all great!) fill the huge flat screen. What a show. Oh to be in lovely, green Augusta, Georgia today! Yummy Brisket leftovers for later. The neighbors in my quiet Cali neighborhood (one has come and knocked already to ask me over for a Easter Brunch and dinner) will hear me cheering for Phil Mickelson quite loudly through the living room windows. Gotta go…Amen corner is coming up soon in my time zone. Here’s breakfast:

2 cage-free organic brown eggs

Shitake mushrooms

3 tsp. heavy cream

1 tsp. butter

1 cup cheddar

3 tsp fresh herbs

Vietnamese garlic-chili sauce

Coffee or iced tea

Cook the shitake mushrooms in the butter and in the meanwhile, mix eggs and cream in a bowl.

Add the egg mixture to the shitake mushrooms in the pan, scramble the eggs and add the herbs then cheddar cheese until melted.

Place in a bowl with Viet garlic chili sauce.  Pour a glass of ice tea, or make an Arnold Palmer: Half iced tea/Half lemonade. Turn on the Master’s tournament. Cheer! Enjoy.

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