Welcome, beautiful soul!

I’m an X-ray Tech, Physics major, Crystal Collector, Art Lover, Organic Gardener & PADI Scuba Diver , I live in Laguna Beach, California, and this is my blog for creating anything and everything that comes out of my soul.

I grew up in an old 1920’s restored-to-original-detail ranch house,  in a small town on the West Coast of Florida, the daughter of a Norwegian-British, American born businessman and a very overprotective mother. I’m from a large, close knit family. My mother’s family were beef cattle ranchers and owned citrus groves in central Florida. So there was always beef & citrus. Being next to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, there was always fish.

I enjoyed my childhood eating basic Florida fare: alligator, shark, grouper, scallops, hush puppies, raw oysters, key lime pie, my mother’s famous intense sour lemon tarts, conch fritters, fresh boiled green peanuts, she-crab soup, smoked mullet, and BBQ. My cousins, brothers & I would go scalloping for fun, mullet-netting, shrimping, blue crabbing,  and frog gigging in air-boats. We brought it all back for everyone, cooking in wood and gas-burning old fashioned ovens in kitchens that looked like they were from another era, pit BBQ grills, and then eating family-style on huge , long wooden hand made tables. Everyone helped. Life was simple. Life was amazingly happy.

The smells and tastes of my childhood and this blog is very much filled with nostalgia. I was also drawn, due to my father’s influence,  to nearby Tampa’s & Ybor City’s  local Spanish & Cuban food and my father’s hometown of Tarpon Spring’s (Greek town to us locals) excellent authentic Greek food.

I still love and savor meat and poultry dishes. Fish and seafood too. I try to keep my carb intake as low as possible, between 4 carbs and 20 carbs a day. Please know I’m not a professional blogger or a trained chef in any way. My photography of the food in this blog is amateur at best. That being said….I hope you enjoy my posts.

Life is too short. Live juicy! If you tweet, I’m on Twitter at https://twitter.com/evilxraygenius


  1. Hey, love the blog/recipes. I found you on low carb forums. Are you on stillmans anymore? Wondering how things are going for you. I am doing great after 1 week mostly stillmans 😀

    • Hi Claudine! I’m so glad you have asked. Here’s a link to a tasty low carb keto tomato sauce you can make fresh:
      Also, there are some jar sauces you may enjoy: Monte Bene Tomato Basil Pasta, Bella Vita Low Carb sauce,and Rao’s. Rao’s is highly rated but a bit expensive. (Note-One that I can not recommend is Walden Farms, because of the lack of taste. Some of my friends like this one, they add spices and garlic to it until it has taste). Make your own when possible. The 3 mentioned above are available for sale on line and can be shipped right to your door. It’s difficult to find tomato pastes without added sugar, but they are out there. A good substitute is cooking or roasting some red peppers and red onion, add some olive oil and whirl in your food processor and add your herbs. Peace & Love to you.

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